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684 West College St. Sun City, United States America, 064781.

(+55) 654 - 545 - 1235


Beloved, welcome to Evangelical Restoration Church Family

ERC family is called and dedicated to resiliently raise an army of Disciples of Jesus Christ, who are life givers, fully consecrated to Jesus Christ, coming from different backgrounds, with different history and interconnected by the spirit of family.

The purpose of our existence is to; evangilise, ensure wholistic restoration through healing and deliverence journey, train, equip and send out transformed people to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of individuals, families and Nation(s) to this generation and generations to follow. We love and honour you for you are God’s treasured creation, but God loves you most for he paid a price for you to live with him in eternity. Will you?

Welcome and a blessed stay or visit at ERC family.

Apostle Yoshua Ndagijimana Masasu & Pastor Lydia Umulisa Masasu
The vision bearer & Legal Representative of ERC

Our vision and its birth

“To raise an Army of Disciples of Jesus Christ who are life givers, fully consecrated to Jesus Christ, coming from different backgrounds and with different history, interconnected by the spirit of family, restored , trained, equipped, and sent , who have resolved to make known Jesus Christ as Lord and King in their lives, families and in all Nations in this generation”…
"Living A Fear-Free Life"

Delivered From All My Fears

The human being is naturally afraid of the future, as none can pretend to master it; Everything we can hold on to is more of a probability than a certainty. Hence, FEAR is increasingly present. Knowing about God cannot prevent you from fear, from lack of faith, from uncertainty. Knowing God is what makes the difference.

About the author

One family, Many Locations.

We are conscientious that life started with Jesus entering the life of somebody this is why we are an “Evangelical” church because for us Evangelism is the first priority of our priorities.

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